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Dr. William J. Ward aka DR4WARD


Thank you for your feedback.

You raise a lot of good points that will have to be addressed. They are not insurmountable and I agree that implementation will not be simple.

It is a good start in the right direction for upgrading education delivery.

Bill aka DR4WARD

Dan Mosqueda


I think the iPad with it's new eco-system (iBooks 2) is terrific and I have no doubt its efficacy is significant. I used my iPad while working on my Masters. I would take notes on it either in iBooks or via Evernote. It made writing papers much easier and iBooks at that point was helpful, the new version seems much better.

My question revolves around deployment. To be honest, I lost my iPad on an airplane a month ago. It kills me. I know it must be in a lost and found pile somewhere because it's still not showing up on Find My iPhone. If a 45 year old can lose an expensive item (I normally had a gorilla grip on it btw), how more of an issue will this be at schools?

Would you check the iPads in and out as kids enter and leave school? But then they wouldn't have access to them at home. This will not be simple for educators.

Having said all that, I think it could improve education, at the very least, by being up to date. The weight of the devices is also a significant plus.


Dan Mosqueda

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