Designing naturally, natures strategic design inspiring project for the future.

      Intergrating design and environment

      Interested in packagingnatural packaging, how nature packages

o      Example—womb, fruits, nuts, flowers.

      Bionics is a science, look at how things work.

      when the problem becomes the solution.

      How nature thinks.


California lotus. Faced with a design problem, needed a Market change, was unable to produce seeds because area became swamp. The flower turned problem into solution, plant created air pocket so seeds could float away.


Lessons from nature

      Optimum-conserve the most amount of energy.

      Cycles—everything that goes in must come out (waves)

      Interdependence (birds living on other animals)


Started working with recyclable materials. Cardboard. Designed lamps and packaging. No glue, just cardboard.


Presidential campaignsmall box with seedsuse to draw picture on shirt. When you go and hug someone it spreads your seeds.


Sandbag feet cat, always lands on its feet.


Packaged with weaved cardboard.


Eco-innovation team.

      A center of intelligence that gathers info on new materials.


Why more objects?

      Photos by peter menzel (Thailand) and all the familes objects outsie there house. 10,000 objects in one American house

      The # of objects surrounding us is growing.

      Pic quote

      How we will consume in the future?

      Plague product: plastic chair

      Brian jungen plastic chair art.

      Justin gignac (nyc trash in glass container) I sell garbage

      99% of what we harvest, mine process and transport is trashed within 6 months of being produced.


Why do we trash so quickly?

      We need to think engineer to just update, designers should come out with their best design, not what can we just get out and update later.

      Unbalance of the capitalist logic. Few consuming a lot, many consuming a little.

      Is consumption related to happiness? Studies show it is not.

      The amount of waste that results from the production of one laptop reaches almost 4,000 times its weight.


When the magic kills the dove. Scene from the prestige. We want the magic but we dont want the consequences.


We are designers and we want to make magic. How do we make the trap without killing the dove. How does nature create traps?


Sensorial traps: the attraction power of the flower.

      Traps in flowers.

      The context: an ordinary landscape, nothing new for the past 3 billion years.

      The briefing: increase diversity, shake up the market.

      Flowers are fairly new. (picture)

      Basic forms: no intention of screening clients.

      Architecture design based on flowers

      The flower evolves: when choosing your client becomes important.

      Using shape, texture and color to ignite all senses and alluse the consumer. (unique glass apple store)

      Unique strategies for different audiences. (bee and flower) (fly and meat)

      Sophisticated resources to guide the target better. Flower guides insect like plane on runway.

      Know when your customers will come and what theyll need. Bats feed off flowers, must be white so they can see and not need much attention.

      When sex sellsflower that is mistaken for female wasp. Traps male.

      Trap becomes a delight. Insects get stuck in flower for some off exciting mist and gets what it wants. (example, Las Vegas casinos)

      In the evoluion process a simple contact can turn into a relationship. Certain flowers only interact with one thing. Dangerous for both nature and business.

      Main thing we get from flowers is that we get insectswhich developed fruit for primates which turned into human. We wouldnt be here today if flowers were not ever entered.

      Everybody wins.


Huge, exciting opportunity to re-invent nature.


30% of waste in the world is from packaging.


Design naturally invites on leaves. Laser cut drawings. 300 different drawings. This could be a new media. You can print different messages. No ink, just laser. nnnnn

Friday june 20th


winner of 2007 titanium lion




started with unicef in 06

      -saved the lives of more children than any other humanitarian organization.

      New business, tires to make big deals with companies such as p&g

      David presented idea in 30 senconds.


1 billion people dont have access to clean water. 1 in 5 are children.

      5,000 children a day die from not having clean water.

      Biggest campaign in over 60 years.

      10 million children have had one more day of clean water. steven



      given page in esquire magazine. Anything they wanted.

      Wanted to build a brand from nothing for something to make a difference.

      Whats a brand and what can we do that wont cost any money?

      We take for granted our clean tap water.

      As an industry were always been at a surface level. Why not go deep with one or two and stick with it the rest of your life?

      None of us with ever have the luxury to write a million dollar check to charity.

      Our currency is our ideas!

      A simple idea can actually be the money generator and be more powerful than the money.

      Recruited restaurants. Got celebrity chefs to be part of it as first, others followed.

      World water day. March 22nd.

      Moved from being one day to one week long a year.

      Such a simple idea that you can not not get behind it.


Video—summarizing 2008. (water)

A child dies every 15 seconds.


      This is a tangible campaign. We should celebrate the industry and contribute. We make everything so disposable. Lets make something last.

      Advertisers can literally change the world.

      One billion media impressions. Done by the collective good of the industry. Unicef paid zero dollars.

      We have the power to create amazing things.


Other work done by other agencies.

      Think globally, Drink locally.

      Unicef said for the first time they would not control what cities wanted to do for media.

      Supported advertising agencies and let them go.

      Creative freedom which raised MORE money.

      For all agencies that participated will have a well donated in their name in Africa.

      With great creativity comes great responsibility.

      Anyone can volunteer for this program. Can never be too many people volunteering.

      Can we prove that the world is not selfish?


Other ways to raise money?

      Countries that dont have safe drinking watermaybe pay when you flush, shower? (china, India)

      100% of money goes to this.

      Email steven __________ from unicef on how you can help.

      Volunteer program through tap who actively recruited restaurants.

      many people moving into green space for right and wrong reasons, as long as everyone moves that way its only going to be good.

      Original media was print, internet and celebrities talking.

      American express works with Going to be first global sponsor.

      Not an anti-bottled water campaign. Can donate even if you dont drink the tap water.

      Our industry has the capacity to do multiple things like this.

      Water is not the only major issue we need to take care of.